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Palisade Fencing Provides medium to high security to industrial and commercial premises, as well as schools and other local amenities.

It can be supplied assembled in panels but is normally bundled for site assembly along with the necessary fixings and fasteners.

Costings are estimated in linear metres, so simply measure the length of fencing that you require, choose the height and fill in our online quote now.

Scroll down this page for all the information you'll need about steel palisade fencing or view and print our brochureGoTo... our Brochure Bank!.

A choice of height
Steel palisade fencing comes in several standard heights of 900mm and up to 3.6m, referring to the height of the fence from the ground level. A full list of the standard fence heights can be viewed on the Materials Specification chart found below.

A choice of pale heads
round head safe for children
safe and foot catcher notch!
the single blade point
fencing tops triple pointed leeds

the greatest of deterrent value is the look of palisade

Triple Pointed & Splayed head
Offers the greatest deterrent but is not generally recommended on fences below the height of 1.8m.

A choice of pale profile
Whilst being marginally more expensive the 'W' section is often preferred to the more traditional 'D' section, not only for its superior strength but for its reduced vulnerability to tampering due to the fixing heads being concealed.

A choice of finish
galvaised palisade fencing leeds
All our steel security fencing is hot dipped galvanised to BS 729 as standard for extra life.

Palisade is a popular choice with local and education authorities when powder coated in a colour that blends with its environment.

coated palisade Powder Coating service
we offer the full range of RAL colours which gives our customers a vast assorment of choice.
The most popular colours are.

Material specifications
Heights from 1.8m to 2.4m are common and are available ex-stock, while heights from 0.9m to 3.6m are within the standard range. Non standard heights and alternative pale thicknesses are available with support legs to BS 1722 Part 12. Contact us for more information.
security fencing chart of sizes

All parts can be bought as spares for repairs and stockholding
Parts Required
The main parts required for a standard 2.75m section of steel palisade fencing - All ex-stock.
palisade before fitting in stock laying on a pallet
Size, profile, head shape and finish as described above.
2 x 10mm dia. holes top/bottom to allow fastening to rails.


17 pales per section.

cross rails for palisade in stock
Galvanised RSA steel. Slotted on each end to allow fixing to fishplates. 17 x 10mm dia. holes to allow fastening of pales.

2 rails per section.

galvanised and almost indestructable
Galvanised RSJ steel. Slotted top/bottom to allow positioning of fishplates.

2 posts per section.


The fixings & fasteners associated with steel palisade fencing - All ex-stock.

8mm dia. galvanised flat head bolt and permacone nut
Pale Fasteners
 for 'W' section pales.
Galvanised saddle head bolt and permacone nut for 'D' section pales.

Zinc plated or stainless steel rivets for 'D' and 'W' section pales
Pale Fasteners
Zinc plated or stainless steel rivets for 'D' and 'W' section pales.

fitted through posts to secure horizontal rails.


12mm dia. galvanised round head bolt and permacone nut
Rail Fasteners
12mm dia. galvanised round head bolt and permacone nut to secure rails to fishplates.

afs tamper proof fixing
Anti-tamper nuts
All nuts used on steel palisade installations have permacone heads where the hexigon section snaps off when the correct torque is applied, leaving a tamper proof fixing.

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