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welded mesh 358 security fencing

358 mesh green

 is a modern attractive and very secure choice for semi urban environments , it will effectively stop all small animals (cats, mice, squirrels) and larger predators (tag artists ,burglars and vandals) allowing maximum light, it can be coloured as desired see here .

358 mesh - welded mesh fencing sheffield

palisade fencing coated in black

Palisade coloured black

a very economical and effective choice for larger areas, used mostly by larger organisations palisade will resist for years. galvanised and coated it is available in a range of colours to suit your company colour scheme.

Palisade fencing - black - leeds

paladin style welded mesh secuirty fencing

Paladin Green


Offering excellent strength , good visibility and pleasing aesthetics

the Paladin range is the best welded mesh.
used by casinos ,sports clubs and schools.

Paladin fencing - green - nottingham

The AFS Flickr page has more Photos Here

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